Lupine power – vegan cooking and baking


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Lupine power – vegan cooking and baking with the protein bomb sweet lupine

Author: Elisa Epping

About the book

We would like to offer you this wonderful cookbook by Elisa Epping to give you a few ideas of what you can do with the various lupin products. You’ll see – it has plenty of creative and delicious ideas for you.

In addition to basic information about the sweet lupin itself, its ingredients and benefits as a food, you will find many colorful, simple, but also unusual recipes for the versatile use of the sweet lupin in the kitchen in this cookbook.

The special thing about the recipes is that you don’t need tons of different ingredients to prepare them and can still conjure up exciting dishes.

Try making bread with lupin flour or a spread with lupin flakes, pick out a vegan power breakfast or conjure up a main course for your guests, such as lupin sushi or a pizza with a fluffy lupin pizza base. Dare to try as yet unknown side dishes and snacks and create surprising culinary delights for your loved ones and yourself. We hope you enjoy discovering new taste sensations! On the spoon, get set, go!


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