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New arrivals in the farm store

🌿✨ New arrivals in the organic farm store! ✨🌿

There are new regional organic products from our partners in our organic farm store. Here’s a quick look at the shelf!

🍔 Seasoning sauces from Ferment Tastic

🍝 Mushroom sugo from Gutbehütet Pilzmanufaktur

🐻 Muesli from Zagler Müslibär

🌾 Ancient grains from Gartners

🌿 Hemp products from Hanfland

🌱 Seeds from Samen Maier

Come by and discover our latest treasures! 🌱💚

What a party…

🌱✨ Thank you for the wonderful get-together at the young plant market! 🌿 Your interest in the topic of “Artemisia annua” and the great conversations made the day unforgettable. A special thank you to Stefanie Haller and Brigitte Haas for the informative and superbly prepared presentation. We received such wonderful feedback and many questions were answered. – Sharing knowledge connects! 🌸👩‍🌾

Thanks also to Claudia and Patrick from Hof am Bach, who joined us with their young vegetable plants! It was great fun with you!

🍓Fresh strawberries in the farm store 🍓

Summer is here and with it our juicy-sweet strawberries, fresh from the field straight to our farm store! Come by and get a portion of sunshine for your kitchen. Whether on their own, in cakes or as jam – our strawberries are a real treat. 🌞🍓

Tired and heavy legs?

Do your legs feel particularly heavy in the evening? Do they swell or cause pain? Many people know this suffering all too well. It is important to take care of our veins, especially if we sit or stand a lot. So, do a short vein exercise, go for a walk or put your legs up! Your veins will thank you!

5 tips against heavy legs that will soon help you to walk light-footedly through the day again and enjoy it to the full.

  1. Exercise: Regular exercise is crucial to improve circulation and reduce swelling. Simple exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming can help to strengthen and revitalize the legs. A short walk during your lunch break is already a step in the right direction.
  2. Alternating showers: Alternating showers with cold and warm water can stimulate blood circulation and the muscles. Start with warm water and then switch to cold water for a few seconds. Repeat this process a few times.
  3. Elevate your legs: After a long day or standing for long periods of time, elevating your legs above heart level and resting can help improve blood flow and overcome gravity, which can lead to fluid buildup in the legs.
  4. Abstaining from stimulants: Alcohol and nicotine promote the accumulation of metabolic waste in the body, including damaged cell components, toxins and broken-down proteins. In addition, alcohol consumption causes an immediate dilation of the blood vessels, which can lead to venous valves no longer being able to close properly.
  5. Eating a healthy diet and drinking enough: A balanced alkaline diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grain products and high-quality vegetable protein, as well as drinking enough water, can help to support the health of the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

Treat yourself to a moment of rest and care and support your body with a cup of “Venenkraft” herbal tea. The careful selection and harmonious combination of these natural ingredients make this tea a beneficial support for your vein health. Exclusively for the next 10 days, you can get 20% off our “Venenkraft” herbal tea in our online store to match the theme and the season!

Artemisia young plant market and lecture

Our Artemisia young plant market and lecture is just around the corner and we can’t wait to invite you! 🎉🌱

🌿🎉 Be there at the Hof Fest on May 17, 2024! 🎉🌿

Immerse yourself in a day full of discoveries and delights on our organic farm:

From 2 pm:

➔ Artemisia young plant market 🌱

➔ Tasting of sweet lupin treats 🍽️

➔ Cozy coffee and delicious cake 🍰

➔ Discover new things in the organic farm store 🛒

From 17:30:

➔ Exciting lecture on the Nobel Prize-winning plant Artemisia annua 🌿Find out everything from A-Z about Artemisia!

Registration for the lecture from NOW in our organic farm store or from next week on our website! (25€/person)

Look forward to an inspiring time surrounded by green nature and exciting information! Bring your friends and family and let’s enjoy this special event together!

It’s so green…

🌿 Everything thrives and grows magnificently in our greenhouse. It’s a pleasure to see it getting greener every day. The first seedlings are ready to move to the field and can hardly wait to feel the warming rays of sunshine outside.

🌿 On our organic farm, we are lucky enough to control every step ourselves – from cultivation to the finished product. Thanks to the close cooperation with our own original producer, the Haas organic farm, we can exclusively grow the plants we need for our products. In addition, most of the fields are located around our farm, which gives us a great advantage in terms of short delivery routes and the quality of our products.

🌿 Some of the Artemisia young plants are transferred to larger pots. There they will continue to be cared for and allowed to grow until they are available at our “young plant market” in May.

You’ll get more details soon!

Time for a spring cleanse?

Nettle and dandelion are the perfect nutrient duo, providing you with valuable vitamins and minerals and giving you more energy. They contain vitamins A and C, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. 🌼 These two power plants are the cleansing professionals par excellence for our bodies, getting us back on our feet after winter.

Hard facts about stinging nettle and dandelion:

→ Stimulate your metabolism

→ ensure a healthy heart

→ strengthen the immune system

→ promote intestinal health

→ protect your cells from ageing

→ serve to transport oxygen

→ Mineralize your hair, skin and bones & make them more resistant

→ cleanse your blood

→ protect your blood vessels and your liver

→ Have an antioxidant effect (bind free radicals)


Mixing 1 teaspoon of herbal powder with 150 ml of warm water is a wonderful morning ritual that will set you up for the day.

The dandelion plant extract is a practical companion for on the go and when things have to be done quickly. Take 15 drops 3 times a day pure, diluted in water or tea. Bye-bye winter fatigue, hello spring freshness! 💪

Organic drink of the year:
“Organic Schilcher vermouth

We are delighted that our Schilcher vermouth has been named Organic Product of the Year 2024. Many thanks to all who were there and are happy with us! What an honor.

Workshop “Strengthening the immune system”

In our workshop led by Alexandra Koch, we learned step by step how to make an aromatic balm, a cold oxymel and a cough syrup.

But that wasn’t all! Alexandra also introduced us to the healing properties of the herbs, spices and essential oils used and told us about the microbiome.

We have learned how we can integrate nature’s natural resources into our everyday lives to maintain our health and vitality during the cold season. It was not only about making home remedies, but also about understanding the healing power of plants and natural products.

The workshop provided us with an inspiring and practical experience that enables us to take a holistic approach to our wellbeing. He encouraged us to integrate the treasures of nature into our daily lives in order to stay healthy and vital throughout the year.

The cleansing incense ritual at the end of the workshop made the evening a wonderful experience.

Fermentation workshop

Last weekend we held our first fermentation workshop at our organic farm in Lannach.

For the first time, a workshop took place on our premises at the Bio Hof! The preparations were exciting and involved a lot of hard work, but in the end we have created a great space with charm where young and old can gather and many more events can take place.

Under the expert guidance of a passionate fermentation expert, we learned the secrets of fermentation. From juicy kimchi variations to refreshing ginger ale – we have mastered the art of fermentation from scratch.

This weekend was not only a feast for the senses, but also an opportunity to learn skills that will enrich our culinary and health journey. It was so nice to experiment and work in a group. I can’t wait to start fermenting at home!

Organic strawberries in the farm store

Discover fresh Styrian organic strawberries straight from the field! Our farm store offers you the opportunity to purchase delicious strawberries of the best organic quality over the next few weeks.

We attach great importance to sustainability and environmental friendliness, which is why we can offer you healthy and natural fruit. Only while stocks last!

You can secure your strawberries by pre-ordering by phone or directly at our farm store!

Cooking with the sweet lupin

Finally the time has come, the first cooking workshop “Cooking with sweet lupins” will take place on 10.05.23 from 5-9 pm at LFI Styria.

The little-known sweet lupin combines all the benefits of pulses and the requirements of a healthy diet. It is low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, minerals and vitamins and is a vegan protein bomb. In this cooking seminar, we will inform you about the cultivation and the creative variety of dishes. Breakfast smoothies, muesli bars, muffins, spreads, patties, savory and sweet snacks, bread, nibbles and much, much more can be created from lupins. Whether quick dishes, unusual creations or vegan low-carb cuisine – this legume leaves nothing to be desired. We look forward to seeing you there!

Alkaline fasting

Do you occasionally crave that wonderful feeling of more vitality, well-being and lightness after a refreshingly delicious week of fasting?

During alkaline fasting, we avoid acid-forming foods such as meat, sugar and dairy products. Alkaline foods contain far more fiber – cleanse the intestines and keep them healthy – so nutrients can be better absorbed.

Vital substances support the skin, connective tissue and organs. The skin texture is refined.

Alkaline fasting is an absolute blessing for body, mind and soul. Because when properly prepared and implemented, detoxification takes place noticeably on all levels.
At the body level, we make room for important nutrients that boost our immune system and metabolism and make us feel better and lighter.

We have put together a fasting box that resembles a week of culinary indulgence with tried and tested recipes.

Why not try our alkaline soup? This organic basic herbal soup is rich in vitamins and minerals and provides you with important nutrients while gently relieving your body.

Herbs and sweet lupins have an alkalizing effect on the body, are rich in minerals and vitamins and are low in calories. This means you can enjoy large portions during alkaline fasting and avoid grueling food cravings. You can look forward to every bowl of soup thanks to the delicious taste of the diverse flavors. This not only balances acids and bases, but also brings pleasure and health into harmony.

A good start to spring!

Tasting at the Höller gourmet nursery

Healing smoke

For the protection of the home and the well-being of the soul: incense with herbs and resins!

Incense burning is the oldest ritual in human history. Then as now, it strengthens the connection between people and nature and the feeling of togetherness during festivals and ceremonies.

Incense is also used to cleanse your own living space, build up protection, influence your mood and well-being and deal with energies from the past, present and future.

Smudging herbs, flowers and resins creates a fragrance that affects the limbic system in our body and touches our scent memory. We remember people, experiences, places and relax in the process. Plants have the power to lift us out of emotional depths and can help us to process and let go of pain.

There is something for every occasion in our balanced smoking blends.

There are very special days for smoking in December. The winter solstice on December 21, when the sun is at its lowest point. A time to pause and recharge your batteries. Mugwort and tree resin are a must.

The days from December 25th to January 6th are also known as the twelve holy days or Rauhnächte. You can find out more about them in the next article.

Sustainable gifts

Environmental protection, resource conservation and waste avoidance are the major challenges of our time. Many are already on their way and want to become more conscious of their consumer behavior. We want to support this movement with sustainable and valuable food and natural products. All the products we offer come from our own farm and regional production. This keeps the added value in the region.

You can find sustainable gifts from our product range in our online store, or visit us in our farm store and put together your own gift according to your own wishes.

Harvest good – all good

With the beginning of fall, the shorter days and cooler nights, we finish our harvest this year. Many hands were needed again to harvest our herbs, lupins and pumpkins in the desired quality.

The countless hours of weed control, care and continuous harvesting have paid off – and luckily the weather has also cooperated for the most part.

We were able to harvest some perennial herbs as early as May – virtually at the same time as we had just finished setting out the young plants.
Some crops were only harvested by hand, others with special machines, some we were even able to harvest several times and some only arrived at the farm gate for the first time in the fall.

For us, it goes without saying that we pay attention to the time at which the respective plant has its peak of various ingredients and in which form it wants to be harvested, dried and processed. Even the time of day plays a role in the harvesting of some herbs, which is why the right time to harvest is an important factor.
It can get quite hectic when you have to cater to all the different needs and idiosyncrasies of the various cultures at the same time…

In conclusion, however, we are once again very satisfied and grateful this year. We are delighted with all the existing and soon-to-be-available treasures that we can provide thanks to this year’s harvest and look forward to spoiling you and your loved ones with more wonderful, healthy and delicious products.

Invitation to the BIO-FEST Graz!

We will be there this year with a selection of our organic products and look forward to seeing you and having a great time together!

Everything is in bloom!

Everything is in full bloom in our herb fields and is a feast for the eyes. The different scents mingle in the air to create a wonderful perfume and the splendor of colors is unsurpassed. So let the harvest begin!

On our organic fields, weeds are controlled preventively with harrows, hoes, brushes and by hand hoeing. This work accompanies us throughout the summer. Only through a well thought-out crop rotation in combination with carefully selected soil cultivation can we counteract the increased occurrence of weeds.

The motto is to work the agricultural soil as little as possible in order to protect it from erosion and silting. This also increases the load-bearing capacity of the soil, promotes soil life and the formation of humus, thereby making a significant contribution to climate protection. It’s nice to see the variety of insects that can be found in our fields.

“Organic Festival” Organic and art in Schilcherland

The birds are chirping and the sun is shining – what could be better than enjoying life together amidst the hustle and bustle?

On Saturday, April 30th, the annual Bio-Fest in Deutschlandsberg will take place from 10 am to 6 pm .

From delicious culinary delights and organic young plants, to music and arts and crafts, as well as a children’s program for young guests, everything is ready for you and your family!

Of course, we will be there again this year and look forward to tasting some of our delicacies with you and your loved ones and having a chat.

Delicious lupin spreads, freshly brewed herbal beer, news from our herb kitchen and much more are just waiting to delight your taste buds.

Come along and enjoy the time, because:

“Nothing in the world is as infectious as laughter and good humor.”

Charles Dickens

Nettle book presentation with Barbara Simonsohn

The stinging nettle is a plant without equal. A symphony of nutrients that can support you with countless ailments and preventative measures. Barbara Simonsohn, who is already known for her very popular guidebook “Artemisia annua – Heilpflanze der Götter” (Artemisia annua – medicinal plant of the gods), has now published another successful guidebook and devotes herself entirely to stinging nettles and their various effects. You can also purchase this nettle compact guide from us.

For those who want to watch the event again, and for those who were unable to attend – the video of Ms. Simonsohn’s online lecture is linked here.

Organic herbal powder for more energy!

“One should offer the body something good so that the soul has a desire to dwell in it.”

Winston Churchill

That’s how we see it too! That’s why our motto for the start of the new year is: vitality, vitality and well-being – in body, mind and soul.

As spring approaches, we have taken to heart an important topic that is essential for our mental, emotional and physical health – detoxification.

Toxins of all kinds – absorbed through treated food, pollutants from the air, medicines or the often underestimated toxins caused by psychological suffering – penetrate right down to the last cell and naturally have a major impact on our well-being and vitality.

We want to counteract this! But how?

Certain nutrients are essential for us to feel vital, agile, energetic and fit. Especially in winter, our nutrient stores are depleted and we long for fresh fruit from nature as well as the warming rays of the sun.

But where can you find them when nature is rather barren and only slowly awakening?

Various dried and untreated medicinal herbs contain heaps of vitamins, minerals and fiber!

This makes them an incredibly valuable source of nutrients, even in the cold season, which can nourish your body, strengthen your immune system and give you energy and strength.

Our various organic herbal powders are the result of our dried herbs, which we grind and carefully combine to provide you with the power and effect of the plants in concentrated form.

In this way, you can awaken your spirits, get a boost of energy, replenish your nutrient stores, detoxify yourself and supplement your already healthy diet.

Dandelion , for example, helps you with your liver and bile health and supports you in burning fat.

Stinging nettle stimulates your metabolism and flushes toxins out of your body.
It also provides 7 times as much vitamin C as an orange!

Good old ribwort plantain stimulates your immune system, has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect and helps you with all kinds of respiratory diseases.

Yarrow – the “cure for all ills” – stimulates your circulation and metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins thanks to its bitter substances. It also supports the work of your liver, gall bladder and gastrointestinal tract.

Apple mint strengthens your nerves and your mind, also supports the work of your gall bladder, has a deflating effect and, like lemon verbena and lemongrass, is a real mood enhancer.

Lemongrass also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and supports your stomach function.
Lemon verbena is always a good choice for colds and insomnia, as well as for stimulating your circulation and digestion and generally strengthening your immune system.

We wish you a vital start to the new year and lots of fun trying out our herbal powders!
We will keep you up to date on further herb powder combinations.

Let the detoxification begin!

Spices from the farm’s own pen

We have recently been working on the recipes for our herbal salts and herb blends with great pleasure and dedication. We are very proud of the result, because the harmonious compositions all come from our own farm and have been put together in such a way that really everyone will find what they are looking for.

Refined with Ayurvedic sea salt, you will now find a unique, balanced composition of our wonderfully aromatic herbs, which we lovingly nurture, care for and harvest throughout the year, in every herbal salt and spice blend.

From practical to unusual, everything is included. See for yourself and enjoy it with your loved ones!

Gift ideas for the Christmas season!

Isn’t it wonderful to give someone a gift just like that or on the occasion of a holiday? The sparkle in your eyes, the feeling of connection and affection… is something particularly magical.

We have used this fall to offer you a selection of gift boxes that cover a large part of our range and are designed to put a smile on the face of your loved ones and you.

Carefully and lovingly designed and packaged, you will find combinations of our own farm products, some of which have been supplemented with selected matching items.
It is important to us that you already have the finished package in your hands, so to speak, just waiting for its big moment.
Each gift comes either in a cardboard box with a banderole or, in some cases, optionally in a super elegant, handmade and engraved wooden box.
Our Christmas greeting cards, specially designed for the Christmas season, are currently available on top.

But we also put a lot of effort into our herb workshop. Our achievements in the last few weeks are new tea blends, the recipes for which we have worked on with a great deal of sensitivity and care. We hope to give you and your loved ones even more choice and to be able to respond more specifically to desired moods, effects and taste experiences. A fine evening tea for the little ones is also included!

Winter can already come…

Harvest time on the organic farm

Harvest time for the first herbs has begun here and the smell of all kinds of aromas can be detected throughout the day. Although this time involves a lot of physical exertion, you soon forget all about it when surrounded by fragrant flowers and leaves. The optimum time for harvesting depends on the plant. We wait for this moment with great care and patience in order to preserve the healing power of the herbs in the best possible way.

Here, the chamomile is cut with a special leaf harvester and blown backwards purely pneumatically via an air duct. Air is directed onto the mower from the front via nozzles. Behind the mower and under the herbs there is a slot through which additional air is blown. The herbs can slide cleanly backwards on this air bed and do not touch the ground. This type of harvesting technique enables us to obtain excellent quality herbs.

Summer is here!

In these temperatures, we always need a cool refreshment because it is important to drink plenty of fluids right now. We love the syrup made from fresh Artemisia leaves, which is prepared with lemons and oranges. You can find the preparation in our recipes. Artemisia syrup

The taste is slightly bitter and refreshingly herbaceous. Add a slice of lemon and a few ice cubes and you have a delicious summer drink that you won’t want to miss.

Delicious herbal beer is brewed again

While we are busy in the fields, our Achilles and Artemis organic herbal beer is allowed to mature in the cool cellar for 4 to 6 weeks in the bottles. The beer is not filtered and therefore retains all the valuable ingredients that it receives from our own raw materials. Under the watchful eye of our master brewer Michael Löscher (Flamberger Brewery), our fresh herbs artemisia and yarrow are added to the beer, resulting in two tasty herbal beers that are not to be confused with a Radler.

Especially in summer, when the day is full of work in the fields and on the tractor and the physical exertion is great, we particularly enjoy drinking a cool herbal beer at the end of the day.

Sweet lupins from Styria

We love sweet lupins! If for no other reason than to conjure up wonderful dishes for ourselves and our loved ones. In conversations, I realize how few people even know about the sweet lupin, so I thought I would introduce you to this plant.

Here you can see how the sweet lupins grow in our field.

Sweet lupins are our local source of protein and are grown regionally on our organic farm. Lupins belong to the legume family, like beans, peas, soybeans and lentils. Our variety flowers white and after withering, pods filled with approx. 4 to 6 lupin seeds grow on the stems. The well-dried pods are harvested with the combine harvester. The seeds are then processed into lupin flour or lupin flakes.

You can eat lupin flakes raw and thus quickly absorb high-quality protein. They are ideal for muesli, porridge, casseroles or patties. Lupin flakes are a tasty ingredient in smoothies, spreads or sugos. I have cooked my favorite sugo for you and put it in the recipes, in case you feel like cooking it.

Lupin flakes and lupin flour have an alkalizing effect, lower cholesterol levels and provide us with all the essential amino acids. They also provide plenty of magnesium and iron.

Lupins are very rich in protein and are therefore a valuable source of protein in a vegetarian or vegan diet.

From seed to harvest

From seed to harvest, everything is in our hands! At the moment it is sprouting and growing in our greenhouse at optimum temperatures so that our little ones are perfectly supported in their growth.

The first ones are already out in the fields, enjoying the first warm temperatures. The fresh nettle can already be seen and its spinachy, fresh and slightly earthy aroma whets our appetite for fresh spring dishes.

The stinging nettle is probably one of the best known, if not the most popular, wild plants with its stinging hairs. Especially in spring, it provides us with vitamins and minerals and is a real energy bomb. Iron, magnesium, calcium, silicon, vitamins A and C are just some of the valuable ingredients that get us going again.

You can find organic nettle in our fine herb powder Green Heroes and Spring Cleaning and in the spice blend Spring Awakening . Goes perfectly in your green smoothie, in soups or over fresh salad!

Spring is here! And thus also our NEW spice blends and plant powders!

The first herbal tips can already be seen and we are chasing away the spring tiredness with wonderful herbal blends! Our new mix of nettle, dandelion, ribwort plantain and yarrow goes perfectly with egg dishes, spinach, wild garlic, fish and crisp salads. It also provides you with important vitamins and minerals and supports your digestion and detoxification.

“Do something good for your body so that your soul will want to live in it.”

Teresa of Avila