About us


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3 questions for Brigitte & Werner Haas

Why are you doing this work?

It is important to us to produce FOOD that livesup to this name and is both simple and valuable. Our work gives us pleasure – every moment is meaningful.

We are grateful that we are able to live out our vocation.

What is your vision?

To bring our WONDERFULearth back to life piece by piece. Let’s give our floors back their soul.

What do you want to pass on?

With our daily actions, we want to make a contribution to raising awareness among our fellow human beings. Our soil is the basis of our existence. Let us understand and strengthen each other more and more in the spirit of community. Let’s connect with all our possibilities and potential. Self-confident, responsible and mindful action gives our children, the generations to come, the opportunity to understand nature and people as a unit, to treat everything and everyone with respect and thus in turn the basis for making life possible and carrying it on.