Organic vegetable box

From the farm: seasonal fresh vegetables from your region

You can get fresh, seasonal organic vegetables from your region from us once a week, always on Fridays!

If you are interested, download the registration form from our website and sign the agreement to purchase your vegetable share in our farm store when you pick up your vegetable box for the first time or visit us in person to complete the formalities and get your vegetable box on its way.

Once you have signed, you become part of Atropa-SoLaWi (solidarity agriculture), acquire a regular, fixed vegetable share and receive your colorful, fresh and fair vegetable box every week.

We are delighted to have found a sustainable cooperation partner in Atropa and to be able to provide you with a great offer!

Become part of this contemporary community and enjoy organic vegetables that are grown and traded fairly and sustainably in your region!