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This is us

Artemis is a young, small family business that benefits from decades of experience and the land of its original farm producer.

We are dedicated to creating high-quality organic products and superfoods from herbs and sweet lupins that bring joy – on all levels. Be it through cooking, consuming, supplementing or enjoying.

In addition to its unmistakable passion for the purity of nature, Artemis stands for innovation and tried-and-tested knowledge in equal measure. We always try to incorporate these values in both production and product development.

Our products

We work with local superfoods such as dandelion, nettle, ribwort plantain and the protein bomb sweet lupin.

Herbal products

Lupine products

We specialize in the cultivation of Artemisia annua, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015.

Artemisia annua

And process high-quality organic pumpkin seeds, exclusively from our own cultivation, into our traditional product.

Pumpkin seed oil

Organic farm store

In our organic farm store in Lannach you will find our own farm produce as well as a fine selection of regional organic products from our partners .