Organic clary sage hydrolate 50 ml




Water, organic clary sage fresh herb*

*from certified organic farming



Organic clary sage hydrolate 50 ml

Originally from the Mediterranean region to Central Asia, clary sage has a particularly spicy, balsamic aroma and has been used successfully in gynecology for many centuries.

Areas of activity

Women’s complaints, hormone regulation, skin, hair, anxiety/depression, psyche

This wonderful plant is a true miracle cure for all women’s ailments.

Whether during menstruation, the menopause or with physical and/or psychological PMS symptoms – clary sage supports you on all levels thanks to its hormone-balancing effect.

It relieves deep-seated tension and helps you through times of anxiety and depression – it has a relaxing, mood-enhancing and invigorating effect in equal measure.

It also has a great effect on skin problems. It smoothes wrinkles, helps heal rashes and eczema and relieves dry and cracked skin in a pleasantly refreshing and revitalizing way.

Clary sage also has a regenerating effect on dry and brittle hair and gently counteracts any dandruff on your scalp.


  • antispasmodic
  • hormone-balancing
  • relaxing
  • mood-enhancing
  • Regenerating and revitalizing

Use in the kitchen

In the kitchen, this herb, which was once used in wine, is ideal for flavoring fruit desserts, jams, jellies and honey, as well as for refining cocktails, bowls and sauces.

Used sparingly, organic clary sage hydrosol can also be used for vegetable and meat dishes, turning them into a spicy, herbaceous delicacy.


The hydrolat can also be sprayed directly into the mouth to develop its balancing effect described above.

Used internally, it has a mood-enhancing, calming and relaxing effect.

We are proud of our home-made freshness note, in which neither alcohol nor allergens are hidden.

Our promise

  • Handmade
  • Fresh note
  • Vegan | Vegetarian
  • No allergens
  • No alcohol
  • from certified organic farming


Store in a dry place away from light.


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