Organic herbs

“Nature provides us with everything we need to protect and maintain our health.”

Alfred Vogel

In our herbal counter you will find a variety of products to support you and your loved ones in strengthening, protecting and pampering your body, mind and soul, as well as products that you can use to strengthen plants.

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Sustainable and regional

Every herb that we grow has an untold number of positive testimonials. The effectiveness and effects of the individual plants have largely been handed down from several hundred to a thousand years ago and are fortunately now increasingly coming back into people’s consciousness.

We want to play our part in making the wonders of nature that surround us accessible again in the highest quality and passing on the knowledge of its successes.

The power of herbs

We are convinced that health depends to a large extent on the availability of untreated food and that the solution to many health problems is often closer than we think.

Whether as a single herb, in combination as a powder, tea, as plant water (hydrolate) & co – we always endeavor to provide you with the healing power of nature in the form that you consider most useful for you at that moment.

We take a holistic view of soil life, insects and many other inhabitants of our fields, as well as the needs of our plants. With plant extracts, slurries and broths, you can promote your plants’ natural defenses and bring your garden into balance.

So that you can provide yourself and your loved ones with all the nutrients you need to gently but effectively support your body in maintaining and regaining vitality, health and strength!

This is what moves us every day and gives us insatiable motivation for what we do.