Description of the individual incense substances

Our smoking materials from A-Z


When smoked, elecampane root has a memory-strengthening, restorative and protective effect on you. It also releases stuck thoughts and patterns, calms you down in times of tension and increases your zest for life. The scent of elecampane is woody, light and mild and also has a positive effect on your airways.

Basil (Greek)

When smoked, the herbaceous scent of basil has a positive and uplifting effect on you. It helps you to clear your thoughts and increase your self-confidence.
By tapping into unexpected sources of strength, it combats overwork and stress and helps you to discover your inner wealth.
Basil is said to drive away evil spirits and protect you from all evil.

Mugwort (annual – Artemisia annua)

The highly prized Artemisia annua also impresses when it comes to smoking with its lively, stabilizing effect.
It provides protection and strength from within and helps us to connect with our roots in the earth.
To promote our growth, it counteracts bitterness in our lives and helps us to let go of things that we no longer need.

It releases blockages and, with its fragrant, sweet-tart scent, helps to open us up to cosmic events.

Mugwort (common)

Mugwort makes it impossible for evil spirits to enter your home. The strongly spicy, tart plant scent of mugwort also has a relaxing, warming and calming effect on you and helps you to activate your own healing powers and heal your body and soul.
If you find yourself in situations where you have to make a decision or are even at a turning point, mugwort will help you. It will be easier for you to let go of old things.


The oak bark with its warm, spicy wood scent, reminiscent of a crackling open fire, stands for power, success, fame, toughness, strength, a long life, strength of character and justice. It is often used against evil spirits and negative entities and is said to protect you from negative influences.


The herbaceous, spicy and pleasantly warm scent of verbena helps you to increase your perception, especially of spiritual energies, and to improve your concentration.

It fills your spirit with freedom, cleanses your four walls after an argument and supports you in exchanging tiredness and listlessness for clarity, courage and strength.

It gives you special negotiating skills, can help you achieve material success and protect you from negative influences.


The scent of elemi resin is reminiscent of pine trees and gives off a very fresh, green note in addition to the tart, spicy scent.

Elemi resin has a protective effect on you and helps you to build up energy and ground yourself.
The refreshing element in elemi resin is also wonderfully suitable for neutralizing or refreshing room or office incense.

Angelica root (angelica root)

Angelica has a strong, earthy, warm and slightly pungent aroma. When smoked, it strengthens your sense of self, gives you self-confidence and helps you to make courageous decisions. It gives you light in dark moments and connects you with the angelic forces.

In this way, she also supports you in going your own way and is a grounding and empowering companion in times of discouragement and (existential) fears.

Rosehip with stone

Rosehip fruits smoke with a stronger, fruity-aromatic fragrance.
They help you to calm down and relax and activate your spirits with renewed vigor. Rosehip makes your spirit light so that you can surrender to your life and feel your zest for life. It comforts your heart and gives you positive energy.


The earthy-spicy and herbaceous-warm aroma of the heart spice has a euphoric effect and enhances your foresight. It forces you to calm down, so to speak, and ensures that you find a measure that is suitable and harmonious for you. It helps you to listen to your heart, take good care of yourself and strengthens your self-love and self-esteem.

St. John’s wort

The scent of smoked St. John’s wort is warm, slightly fresh and flowery. This calming and stress-relieving incense opens your mind and boosts your confidence.
The solar power stored in it is healing for your soul, creates harmony and helps you with heartache, anxiety and depressive moods.
It supports you in times of grief, has a cheering and balancing effect and protects you from negative influences.


The balsamic-herbaceous scent of chamomile brings you warmth and security and can help you to gently release any blockages. In addition to its calming and grounding effect, camomile also has a protective and restorative effect on you. It activates your self-healing powers and supports you in times of stress and anger.


Camphor does not tolerate negative vibrations – this is how you could sum up the special effect of this incense.

It also clears your mind with its very fresh, minty scent, boosts your concentration, disinfects the air in the room and has both a strengthening and healing effect on your body.

Mullein flowers

When smoked, mullein blossoms exude a pleasant, fruity, warm, almost honey-like fragrance and help you to reduce tension and boiling emotions, calm down and feel serene.

It also helps to avert arguments and anger and to get you out of low moods.


When smoked, the cornflower develops a very sweet, fragrant scent that stimulates your sensuality.

It helps you to activate your mind and calm your spinning thoughts.

It is also said to have a protective effect.


The fresh, sweet scent of lavender has a refreshing and clarifying, uplifting and cleansing effect. It brings you peace and gentleness and helps you in times of anxiety, depression and nervousness. Another special thing about lavender is that it can balance energies – it gives what is too little and takes what is too much.

Lemon balm

The lemon scent brings lightness and concentration.
This allows you to master mentally demanding tasks and stay focused.
She encourages you not to give up and to believe in yourself.


The sensual, sweet-bitter and mild-lovely scent of myrrh calms and centers and is ideal for harmonizing the spiritual, mental and material worlds. Myrrh stimulates you sensually, gives you strength, optimism and calm and opens the door to the spiritual – your worries are dispelled and your feelings soothed.


The herb and leaves of peppermint, with their well-known menthol aroma, are used to cleanse and heal you, increase your concentration and your general vitality.

It is often used to treat memory problems and to clear and energize indoor air due to its fresh but sharp-cool scent.

It helps to awaken your spirits, strengthen your body’s defenses and is wonderful before meditation.


The pleasantly fresh, soft, slightly lemony scent of marigold can gently envelop you, calming, soothing and comforting you. It helps you to relax and, above all, to sharpen your intuition. Marigold also gently supports you in recognizing dangers early on and avoiding them if necessary.

Rose petals

Rose petals are known to be sweet and warm. This pleasantly relaxing fragrance also emanates during incense burning and has a calming, aphrodisiac and heart-opening effect.

The rose promotes tenderness and love (also your self-love!) and helps you to let go of old patterns. The sensual fragrance wants to help you harmonize yourself and your surroundings and soothe unpleasant moods.


The spicy, aromatic-resinous, powerful scent of sage has a particularly cleansing and uplifting effect on you. It strengthens your body and mind and gives you back lost energy. It banishes negative thoughts and allows positive energy to flow.

The fresh, herbal and cool aroma also clears your vision and consciousness, which in turn is helpful if you want to be or remain concentrated and focused. Sage helps you to release blockages and brings you peace and healing.


When smoked, yarrow spreads a spicy, intense fragrance that connects with primal nature.
Yarrow helps you to cope with life, to get through difficult times, to accept yourself, to find strength in everyday life and to find your inner self.

It is smoked to promote courage, determination and psychic awareness.

Steppe mugwort

Due to its strong cleansing properties, steppe mugwort is particularly popular for spiritual cleansing.
Its intense, tart, spicy fragrance has a stimulating and mood-enhancing effect – it flows through our energy channels with its power, clearing our mind and body and protecting us from negative influences.

The indigenous peoples of North America have always used it for ritual, healing purposes and have passed on their knowledge of its power for many generations.


With its heavy, balsamic, cinnamon-sweet, feminine, even slightly vanilla-grassy fragrance, Styrax enchants right from the start. It is particularly aromatic, soft and floral, which has a calming and relaxing effect on you.

Mental or emotional tensions are released, evil spirits and negative thoughts are driven away. This sensual incense promotes relaxation and romance and lets you float on cloud nine.


When smoked, tulsi develops a tart, spicy, warm, but also slightly woody fragrance. It helps you to cleanse your aura and gives you a liberated atmosphere. It dispels external energies and helps you to unfold in your space.
Tulsi also gives you strength, opens your mind and heart and enhances your physical radiance.

Frankincense (Arabic)

Arabian incense is particularly suitable for comprehensive incense burning throughout your home. Its pleasantly fresh aroma with a tantalizingly sweet note and a hint of sandalwood is inevitably reminiscent of the Orient and is a blessing for your psyche.
Arabian incense provides comfort and optimum living quality.

Frankincense (Indian)

When smoked, it spreads a very balsamic, somewhat sweet-tart, slightly citrusy fragrance, reminiscent of myrrh, and creates a wonderful, expansive atmosphere.

Indian frankincense is very often used for its clarifying effect during meditation.

Frankincense (rose incense)

The rose incense develops the typical incense fragrance, complemented and refined by a fine rose aroma.
It exudes a beguiling fragrance and creates a loving atmosphere in which you can open your heart. The rose stands sy

White sage

White sage has an intensely aromatic, resinous-sweet and spicy fragrance.

It is used for spiritual cleansing, to banish spirits of illness and negative forces.

It helps you to focus on the essentials, has a refreshing effect and promotes your concentration.

White sage is a wonderful way to balance the energy in your rooms and dispel disruptive energies, acting as a balm for your body, mind and soul.


The aromatic, spicy-warm scent of wormwood leaves hardly anyone untouched. It opens your soul, brings joie de vivre and drive. It helps you to let go and gives you strength and motivation when the resistance seems great.
Wormwood promotes eroticism, devotion and sensuality and has a correspondingly stimulating effect. It can help you to leave your depression and exhaustion behind and gain new strength.


With its fresh, minty yet spicy, herbaceous scent, smoked hyssop clears and purifies your thoughts, feelings and spaces.

It promotes your concentration, gives you mental clarity and imparts vitality and life force.
It helps you to go deep without sinking into darkness and also to work on your feelings of guilt. If you are longing for support in accepting, being sincere and ultimately forgiving (yourself), hyssop will be a good companion.

Swiss stone pine

The woody, woody scent has a Valium-like effect and promotes your sleep and cleanses both inside and out. In this way, it contributes to a rested organism and helps you regain strength and stability in times of weakness, lack of courage and energy.

Swiss stone pine promotes serenity, equanimity and harmony and thus supports cohesion in all forms of relationships.

It protects you from mental attacks and energetic vampirism and at the same time contributes to forgiveness on all human levels.

Lemon grass

When lemongrass is smoked, its earthy, slightly sweet scent wafts through the room and keeps your thoughts grounded.
It helps you not to be too cerebral, to get off the carousel of thoughts and to calm down. A wonderful companion when you feel like you’re getting bogged down or long to gather and center yourself.
In addition to grounding, the refreshing note in lemongrass also brings a friendly, cheerful mood to the room.

Lemon verbena

Lemon verbena has a wonderfully lemony-fresh fragrance, which is particularly noticeable in the first few minutes. It has a refreshing effect on you, making you free and light. She likes to give you a boost of vitality, has a mood-lifting effect and helps you in times of nervousness and insomnia.